“Revolutionary Love” Episode 3 Preview

I have to admit that I’m a bit overwhelmed with American shows back and what feels like a billion dramas debuting the same week that it’s hard to decide that to watch. What do you guys think of Revolutionary Love so far? The Korean audience appears to have responded positively because the ratings for the second episode went up to 3.5% from a 2.5% debut.

I’ll probably give it a shot this week.

Credit: tvN


  • juliesean says:

    I’m loving it so far cos of the OTP. Siwon is a riot in comedies. I’m only worried that it may veer into melo territory…..

  • martha says:

    I liked it. Siwon is delightfully charming, funny and not so bright. I liked his character a lot but he really does have terrible luck. I can’t wait to see him grow-up and mature assuming he does either of those things. Hopefully it won’t begin to take itself to seriously

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