“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 5 Preview

Even though this drama still doesn’t look that interesting to me, everyone is raving about it so I’m clearly missing something. Which means I’m taking the plunge this week and will hopefully be caught up by the time Episode 5 rolls around. I hope it’s good.

Credit: tvN


  • OchaNokcha says:

    It is my first Kdrama since a long time (more or less 4 months) … I selected it without knowing anything about it. I am enjoying it … the dialogs are really good and spot on! I enjoy the female characters and their realistic behaviors. Now I hope it will keep the same feeling of quirkiness.

  • I thought I wouldn’t like it as I am not a fan of either lead, well, at least I wasn’t but I am loving this so far to my surprise. In fact I am excitedly waiting for the next episodes.

  • Adal says:

    This drama is really good! I suggest you give it a try, reminds me of Marriage Not Dating in the sense that it is unexpectedly interesting.

  • feliz says:

    The drama is so good i didn’t expect to love it this much. Give it a try. It is super fun,the cast is great, the dialogue touches the heart and i don’t know when i have last seen such a realistic otp.I am really excited for next week how i wish Monday is here already!

  • AlekaOnu says:

    Hi Clockwatcher, you should watch this drama. I like the drama very much. I also like Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min lots. Both have great chemistry with amazing acting.

  • bunga says:

    Setelah melihat drama ini aku banyak tertawa , cerita yg fresh , alur nya menyenangkan , sangat tidak sabar menantikan kelanjutan ceritanya Senin besok 😊😊 don’t forget to watching this drama 😂

  • dee says:

    episode 5 caught me in tears. mother n daughter’s poignant pre-wedding moments. one of the korean drama best scenes after a long while.

    catch this drama if you have not been. it builds up slowly but surely.

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