“While You Were Sleeping” Episodes 15 – 16 Preview

I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I find Woo Tak very adorable. It looks like he’s directly involved with this week’s case which is awesome.

Credit to the uploader


  • jhada says:

    He is adorable! Hoping they don’t kill his character. Would love to see him as a main character role in the near future.

  • Jessie S says:

    I think he’s related to the man who keeps sending Jae Chan money. I think the secret has something to do with how Woo Tak and Hong Joo’s dads died 😲

  • Marie says:

    God yes, I’m a big fan of Lee Jong Suk and here I would not know which man I would choose if I was Hong Joo. They are two adorable puppies.
    Woo Tak is so sweet with all the Batman-Robin thing and wanting to be a hero…and that killer smile. 🙂

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