JTBC’s “The Package” Episode 4 Preview

From what I understand, this pre-produced drama languished in limbo for a while so I’m sure the producers and actors are happy that it’s finally airing. The first two episodes’ ratings came in at 1.7% which isn’t great but not that terrible either. I don’t think there’s much buzz for this drama and the only comment I read that struck me was that it seemed like an ad for Paris. 😀 It made me chuckle but the drama seems sweet and romantic so perhaps the ratings will rise. We’ll see.

Credit: JTBC


  • Adal says:

    Don’t know if I’m the only one but I find the drama kind of boring. I actually fell asleep when watching it. It feels like a travelogue with a bit of drama thrown in here and there. I like the leads though, I will continue to watch it for their sakes.

    • gari says:

      Adal, I agree. The characters are boring. They keep showing the same background scenes to the point where it there is no forward movement in the plot. And then the drama seems to have been shot with filters or something. It’s always dark and grainy. I like the leads too, but I don’t think I can stay awake when I watch it.

  • San Maru Is My Spirit Animal says:

    It’s a bit boring in the beginning but it’s really nice to see and discover how the story unfolds right before your eyes. Certain plot twists that aren’t much of a giveaway are also nice. And guessing the interconnection of the stories of each individual character in the drama is quite fun.
    I’m currently enjoying this drama. I could recommend this as a must watch cause Yonghwa’s character is one hell of a riot. Really genius acting from all of the cast.

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