“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 6 Preview

I’m almost done with Episode 4 and I like it. I like that he’s not single due to a fear of women or dating but just that he doesn’t really see a need for love. However, at the other end of the spectrum, she’s only agreeing to this fake marriage because of how he makes her feel? Or at least, that’s how I understood it. She was ready to head back home till he showed up with her scripts. Logically, she’s doing this for two years for financial reasons but truthfully, also because he’s the first person to make her feel needed. Getting one’s feelings mixed up in such transactions often leads to heartbreak but thank goodness it’s a drama with a happy ending (we expect).

Anyway, he needs her rent money and for his mom to get off his back about marriage and she needs a place to stay. Perfect fit, huh?

Here’s the preview:

He’s been presented as very uncompromising as he refused to stay late to meet a deadline because he needed to feed his cat but here he is going through with this drama for a marriage of convenience. He was willing to say things he would never otherwise say to her dad and even gave her a break on the rent so it’ll be interesting to see how he goes against everything he believes in and stays in this marriage for love.

As for the two other couples, Ho Rang needs to drop Won Seok already. And make it stick. Plus if what you want most is marriage and your boyfriend isn’t make it happen after seven years together, move on already, even if he’s giving you multiple orgasms on the regular.  I’m guessing she has actually mentioned marriage to him, right? And isn’t just waiting around for him to take the hint.

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  • lori says:

    This show is so beautiful, i’m so into it ♥

  • met says:

    I am fully agree with your comment about Ho rang and Won seok. I keep skipping their scenes. Yeah, they love each other, a lot. But their goals and their timeline don’t match. It was just annoying seeing them argue anf make up just for arguing again

  • Robin N says:

    I know this is billed as a contract marriage but I like to think of it as a \”marriage of convenience.\” He gets financial support, someone who will care for the things he holds dear in his life (his cat, his home, and the calm of routine), with the added bonus of satisfying his parents\’ demand that he get married. (But doesn\’t he know that once he does that the demands for a grandchild will make the pestering for blind dates look like the whine of a mosquito a mile away?) Lee Minki is just odd enough – not OTT at all – and he has the knack of the subtle reaction shot. When he\’s just reacting to her his face is a study in acting perfection. The parent meeting scene with her family also demonstrated how good he and Jung So-min are at physical comedy, but his lanky form hitting the ground and the expression on his face were just hilarious!

    Why does she even entertain this proposal? I didn\’t find it surprising at all, given her circumstances. She\’s been a 2nd-class citizen in her own home and has been supporting her shiftless brother without thanks or recognition, and it\’s balm to her soul to think that someone values her contributions the way he does. Everything she does (\”I clean when I\’m stuck in my writing\” \”That\’s a very excellent habit.\”) he recognizes and appreciates. She\’s also underappreciated and taken advantage of in the workplace, and has come thru a devastating personal situation there. Going home to her parents would just imprison her further. His demonstration of appreciation and caring is enough for her to think, \”Yes, this is enough (and I like being needed and having it matter).\”

    I don\’t skip the Ho-rang/Won-seok parts because they are (unfortunately) realistic. I think if we\’re honest we\’ve all stayed in relationships a little too long or where we were on different emotional time-lines, and perhaps that\’s why we want her to tell him what she wants (not give an ultimatum) and not cave in for a little nooky and if he\’s not ready, part ways or learn how to be patient.

    The one thing I wonder about though is when they wrote and shot these first episodes because they feel especially raw and timely with all of the Harvey Weinstein, et al, scandals in the news and social media. I\’m looking forward to seeing how this one unfolds; it could just tie with \”Stranger (Secret Forest)\” for my favorite drama of the year.

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