“While You Were Sleeping” Week Four Thoughts + Episode 17 – 18 Preview

I’m all for Hong Joo and Jae Chan loving each other but I’m totally Team Woo Tak! Not for Hong Joo but for myself. He’s so sweet, smart and honorable. Please continue being your awesome self.

This week was pretty interesting. We learned that not only did Jae Chan receive Hong Joo’s message in his dream, he relayed it to Woo Tak who purposely accompanied her to meet the brother killer. I liked it because it showed planning but I suppose he didn’t want to warn Hong Joo to not go there in the first place or did he? I can’t remember.

Yoo Bum is still a scumbag and abandoned his murderous client when his became a case he couldn’t win. If you’re going to take some of his blood money, the least you can do is defend him to the end. But does he even get to keep that money? I’m pretty sure that the insurance company is going to want it back given it’s been proven to be fraud or whatever murder for insurance is called.

We also got introduced to a new character from Jae Chan’s past. He was his father’s work colleague who was kind and comforting to Jae Chan after he got chewed out over his exam grade scam and who unfortunately, was the brother to the soldier who killed his and Hong Joo’s fathers. It turns out that Hong Joo had saved Jae Chan from drowning after he’d gone after this man who’d attempted suicide after their fathers’ funerals. It’s possible that he’s also the mysterious person who sends money to Jae Chan and his brother every month. Again, what happened to their mother? Did I miss an explanation for her apparent absence from their lives? Is she still alive?

Anyway, this was Woo Tak’s week! I’m a proud wife. After witnessing (in his dream) his friends’ guilt about his injury, he did what he could to alleviate that guilt by making them “pay him back” by running errands and taking care of him. Then when a desperate old friend ran to him for help, he did what he could.

This old friend in a cable guy who does things like take clients’ trash out to get good ratings. It’s never even crossed my mind to ask the cable guy or any service person in my home to do chores. I’m much likelier to offer them something to drink than make them do stuff for me. Do people really do this?

Anyway, after one rich client died violently with the only record of anyone being at her place being his, he became the prime suspect and ran to his friend and former roommate for help. He first threatened to reveal Woo Tak’s secret (how intriguing!) which would apparently end his police career if he didn’t get him off but when our man didn’t take the bait, he broke down saying he didn’t mean it. He just needs his help.

What a good friend my baby is because throwing my past in my face would immediately put you on my shit list and eliminate any chance of me helping you. But Woo Tak understood that it came from a place of hopelessness and advised him to run if he’s guilty or turn himself in if innocent. So he turned himself in believing that his friend will help him out.

Long story short, appearing as a witness because his friend had made a pit stop at his place, Woo Tak argued his case to the prosecutor who, of course, was Jae Chan. Jae Chan invited his seniors to listen in on the interrogation and by the time it was done, they were all convinced that Hak Young (Woo Tak’s friend) was innocent.

My favorite part of this was that it was revealed that Jae Chan had already arrived at this conclusion from his own investigation thus, unlike the other prosecutors, didn’t “fall under Woo Tak’s spell” so to speak. He just used him to get them to make the controversial move of releasing Hak Young in a high profile case that was publicly scrutinized due to the perceived victim’s status as an Olympian.

Another thread was Yoo Bum’s involvement in the case. He was hired by the rich girl’s family to sue Hak Young and ensure that he pays for his crime. As he’s a dirty lawyer, that means leaking the man’s past crimes thus ensuring a guilty verdict in the court of public opinion. This, in turn, would force the prosecution to charge him and the judges to rule in their favor. He chose Hong Joo as his press liaison.

We also learn that Hong Joo saw Hak Young threaten Woo Tak in her dreams. But she didn’t see the fallout and thinks he’s guilty. This introduces a different element to the dreams. Incomplete dreams that lead to the wrong conclusions can cause our dreamers to intervene detrimentally. Luckily for us, she doesn’t play dirty games and doesn’t leak the information despite thinking him guilty and wanting him to be convicted.

The preview:

It looks like next week’s episode will show the aftermath of letting a supposedly guilty man free. The audience knows that the death was accidental so it’ll be Jae Chan’s job to prove it. It appears they are searching for the vacuum cleaner that drew in her blood to prove that it wasn’t done by a human.

One thing I didn’t mention was the kiss. Jae Chan’s kiss gets cockblocked by his seat belt so Hong Joo rectifies that shortly after by kissing him. His stunned reaction makes her think he doesn’t return her affections but he obviously does. And he later confesses to her when explaining that his feelings for her make him hate that he disappointed her by letting Hak Young go free but he can’t let an innocent man pay for a crime he didn’t commit.

As they delve deeper into their pasts, I’m glad that they showed us that Hong Joo kind of recognizes him. It would be unrealistic if she didn’t as they have a very specific, traumatic shared memory. Or more precisely, that she sees a resemblance between him and the boy from her past. And while he remembers the “boy who loves baseball,” he doesn’t make the connection due to the gender mix-up. Will they ever learn the truth? Probably. Because all it’ll take is him seeing her old photos.

Anyway, I look forward to learning Woo Tak’s secret. Surely, having a connection to a killer (if he lied about being an only son and is related to the soldier after all) isn’t grounds for dismissal from the force, right? Oh, and Hong Joo dreams of Jae Chan getting stabbed. How will she prevent this?

Till next week.

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