“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 7 Preview + Week 3 Quick Thoughts

Am I the only one who’s most looking forward to the Sang Goo/Soo Ji development? On the surface, he comes off as someone who’s a little delusional about his prowess with women but he knew the picture of the couch meant something more and suggested marriage as what Ho Rang really wanted so he’s not entirely clueless.

These two have obviously already slept together so I’m interested in seeing how Soo Ji lets him in. I am also interested in how they resolve the sexual harassment she’s subjected to at work.

Won Seok and Ho Rang finally discussed marriage. You’re living together seven years into a relationship and you haven’t thought of marriage, Won Seok? And you’re not teenagers? Mind you, I think it makes sense for one to postpone marriage till they’ve gotten their feet off the ground and are financially stable and settled but if that doesn’t stop you from living with the person you love then perhaps you should think hard about why it stops you from making the commitment. I guess for me, not wanting to get married now isn’t the issue but that it had never even crossed his mind.

The end of Episode 6 showed us the result of two people not being on the same page. While Se Hee went along with the wedding ceremony, he still viewed it as a business transaction. One point they’ve hammered from the very beginning is that our lead is extremely resistant to change. So Ji Ho getting too familiar and showing up at his work, naming his cat etc is unacceptable. All will be well if she just stuck to the terms of their contract and stayed out of sight like a regular tenant.

Raised with less importance than her brother, Ji Ho was happy to finally find a companion who isn’t necessarily putting her first but at least thinks of her as part of their team. I don’t think she’s in love with him but working with him as an equal towards a common goal (their wedding) made her feel like they had a personal relationship. So I’m glad that he brought her back to reality by telling her to knock it off. Although we can see from him assuming that they were having breakfast together that he’s not as detached as he thinks.

Bok Nam is in the house!! Are we about to see what it’s like when a newlywed openly dates someone else? I feel that their relationship has not been developed enough for this. In my opinion, it’s too early to throw in jealousy as I think it should be used as a catalyst when they are obviously in love but still in denial, which I don’t think is the stage they are at, particularly Se Hee. But we’ll see.

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  • Ochanokcha says:

    I am sooo waiting to see what will happen!!!
    I am interested in all 3 couples and their story development. They show a quite broad spectrum of couples and individuals … interesting!

  • Elena says:

    I agree with your views. Not sure if it is good that Bok Nam appeared so soon because it could mean that he will stay for a long time dating Ji Ho, and I don’t want this to turn into a traditional love triangle.
    And definitely I am most curious about Soo Ji and the CEO, they make a great pairing with good chemistry. They are very much alike, confident on the outside but have a vulnerable and tender side. And he seems to be genuinely interested in her, I want to see more of him chasing her.

  • Robin N says:

    This show has managed to make me feel very deeply for its characters (except maybe Won Seok who loves the cow but is only wanting to get the free milk) in the space of just a very few episodes. It is so topical (Se Hee’s dad wheeling his suitcase at his mom like that politician guy ) and the psychological motivators behind Se Hee’s and Ji Ho’s actions are very complex. This is great writing and great acting going on here. But I agree that the plot behind CEO Ma and Soo Ji is good and just gets better with each episode too. I can’t get over how bold the statements are regarding sexual harassment in this drama; his being appalled for her situation and challenging her to show hoobaes that it’s not okay and her reminder that this is not something she’s got the luxury to indulge in (changing old school big business sexism). Outstanding!

  • nina says:

    I Love all the couples in this drama but i really love Sehee and Jihoo interaction more, episode 6 ending still hurts my heart. I can’t wait to see Sehee jealous and revealing his real and true feelings.

  • Wewantmoree says:

    I’m kinda obssesed with this drama.. I think the story, the characters and all, really gets me. the struggle of the characters blended with simple comedy. What’s not to like?

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