“While You Were Sleeping” Week Five Quick Thoughts

We’re past the halfway point and the drama continues to entertain.

Was this the first time they were unable to thwart an unfortunate incident? And how will this affect Hong Joo going forward? Because she’s already foreseen her death and part of the reason she’s gone back to work is her belief that she’ll be able to prevent it.

Hong Joo’s father’s insight on anger was used wonderfully this week. Not only was it a way of connecting the OTP and helping Jae Chan recognize her, it was also used to humanize Jae Chan’s attacker. Anger and grief can drown out logic, resulting in the wrong person paying for another’s sin. Both Jae Chan and Hong Joo had briefly considered letting the soldier’s bother die despite knowing that he had no direct involvement in their fathers’ deaths. But those moments passed and they did the right thing by saving him from his suicide attempt.

Despite his awareness of the effects of his daughter’s illness and the evidence found on the robot vacuum cleaner, Mr. Yoo still needed someone to pay so he went after the people his lawyer claimed were responsible for Do Hak Young getting away with his crime. Do I hate that Jae Chan was comforting and gentle with him? No. Precisely because he’s a grief-stricken, dying, old man. I usually rebel against manipulative sob stories designed to make us sympathize with villainous acts but this time, while I don’t want him let off the hook, I want him to find peace. As there’s probably a part of him that regrets letting his daughter live alone despite her health problems. Plus it certainly helps that while he committed the act, we can still lay blame at Yoo Bum’s feet.

Speaking of which, what exactly is Yoo Bum’s deal? Is it an ego thing? Or how a past tragedy manifests itself in him? He pretty much confessed to Jae Chan’s investigator on that drive to the wedding that he’s down with prosecutors forging evidence. And I think it’s fair to say that everyone who witnessed that interrogation with Woo Tak suspects that he was a corrupt prosecutor. I don’t think money is the real motivator here so does he do these things because he absolutely has to win? As things stand, it’s fair to say that he’s not loyal to his clients or the law or truth or justice. All he wants is victory and will do anything to achieve this goal, not caring if innocent parties suffer along the way. I hope they delve a little more into his background and shed some light on him because there hasn’t really been anything since we got a glimpse of his humanity when he defended the guy who killed his own brother.

Also, will this suspicion lead to a review of his old cases or will the prosecutors’ office let it slide? After all, it’s always every man for himself. Just like they probably wouldn’t want to deal with the ramifications of exposing corruption in their own department, the press has no interest in retracting a story with the same intensity they peddled an inaccurate one. But thankfully, Hong Joo and her boss shed adequate light on the truth and helped give Woo Tak’s friend his life back.

The main romance is still going strong and while watching them kiss, I kept thinking that it must be a treat for their shippers to get both the dream and real kisses. We usually have to watch BTS for a different take on a kiss.

All-in-all, it was a fun week and I can’t wait to see what’s going on with Jae Chan’s sunbae’s son.

Till then!

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