Choi Woo Sik For November 2017 Harper’s Bazaar

Every since “Ho-Go’s Love“, we’ve fallen for Choi Woo Sik and love to watch his performances, he does physical humor brilliantly and really throws his whole body into it. Now he’s stealing the show in “The Package” with his solid showmanship and we love him even more! He sat down for a pictorial and interview with the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar, check it out!

Source  |  Harper’s Bazaar


  • jenny13 says:

    aww these are some really great photographs of him! I just love this guy…and yes especially after Hogu’s Love! 😀

  • juliesean says:

    He’s a cutie. I just wish he has more successes. He’s always in supporting roles aside from Hogu’s Love.

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