“While You Were Sleeping” Episodes 25 – 26 Preview + Week 6 Quick Thoughts

I hope the boys are slipping Hong Joo’s mom some cash from time to time because it can’t be cheap feeding them every morning.

With two weeks to go, what we have left to explore are Woo Tak’s secret (colorblindness?), Hong Joo’s death and Yoo Bum’s downfall. I actually really liked the way he handled that awful writer. We’d previously seen him scrubbing his hands clean after shaking hands with a murderer but now we see that he openly treats them with disdain when they are rude or don’t own up to their roles in landing in their predicaments. So I ask once again: what is his deal?

He apparently framed an innocent man for serial killing for reasons not yet known. Surely, it wasn’t simply to close the case, right? As the final episode approaches, I worry that this character won’t get the focus needed to end the drama on a high note.

One thing I liked about this week’s episodes was dealing with a case where opposing dreams have negative outcomes. Yes, it’s a bit of a fairy tale for Jae Chan to arrive as a result that satisfies everyone but it’s fiction, right? Although I don’t get how seven years is adequate punishment for murder. And didn’t they run any tests when the victim was first admitted? Why would they need to use a video recording to determine his degree of intoxication?

Speaking of which, were I on the jury, I don’t know if I would have been able to convict him with that evidence, at least, not till the defense tried to use organ donation as a reason his client wasn’t guilty. Are you for real? I could understand a little if it is used to argue for a reduced sentence or even a lesser charge but innocence? Give me a break.


Will Seung Won’s classmate resent him for not getting his brother to take another look at his father’s case?

Credit: SBS

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