English-Subbed “While You Were Sleeping” Episodes 29 – 30 Preview

Hong Joo’s dream is finally here and the corrupt lawyer who hates the murderers he defends is willing to become one to save his own skin, or so it seems. I just hope he goes down and there’s no last minute redemption arc for this despicable character, meaning I’ve watched too many dramas to trust previews and don’t want this planned murder with the serial killer to be some type of setup by Yoo Bum to catch her red-handed.

The saddest part is that we may never get an explanation for Yoo Bum’s contradictory behavior of defending trash while hating them.

Jae Chan now suspects that Mr. Choi was his father’s colleague. I wonder if he’ll return those checks now or let him keeping sending them because he realizes it’s part of Mr. Choi’s therapy.

Are they going to do more with Woo Tak’s colorblindness?

Credit to the uploader.

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