“Avengers Social Club” Episode 11 Preview

We had another great week and I’m glad to see the ladies take control of their lives. They banded together and Soo Gyum got Mi Sook’s daughter to get Hee Soo’s bully to confess to his and his mother’s deception and from that, they were able to get the principal’s confession on tape which led to him being ousted.

Then Jung Hye’s husband stole her property but she smartly got it back. One thing I like about this relationship is that unlike in Mi Sook’s marriage, the husband doesn’t wield all the power. He married her for her family benefits and she uses those benefits to maintain some power in the relationship. However, he’s now come up with a plan to force them to leave the country. I get how he can do that to Soo Gyum but I’m not quite sure how that works with Jung Hye. But we’ll see how they get out of it, especially now that Soo Gyum has called in a favor from grandpa.

Then there’s Mi Sook, whose husband remains the worst. I was very happy to see her stand up to him when he attempted to hit their daughter. I will enjoy his downfall most.

It looks like Jung Hye’s husband is in for a world of hurt. I can’t wait!

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  • Natalie says:

    I also can’t wait for Mi Sook’s husband to get what he deserves!

    Thank you so much for your weekly previews and comments about Avengers Social club, I really enjoy reading your thoughts on the show as it progresses, and in English! I love this show so much that I watch it without subtitles even though I don’t understand a word of Korean, and then watch the episodes again once the subs are available. 🙂

    For that reason, your previews and comments on the last episodes are very helpful! Thank you and enjoy episodes 11 & 12! 🙂

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