Gorgeous Lee Dong Wook For December 2017 Esquire

Lee Dong Wook did a pictorial and interview for the December issue of Esquire and even though the pics aren’t close-up – we think he looks dreamy! He stated he gets anxiety every single time he goes before a camera and believes he’ll have that for a lifetime. He also admits to being a “political” person but loves what he does – he hopes to be an actor for a very long time – even though he calls himself old. (LOL) We love you, Wookie!

Source  |  Esquire


  • Elaineeee says:

    He’s so disgustingly sexy. Like no one has the right to be this HOT. Gahhhh!

    And when is he coming back to dramaland. It’s like there’s a draught. I need my oasis. And I also need to stop being so disgusting myself lmao. It’s embarrassing what I’ve become because of this man. LOL.

    • Quee6 says:

      Lol haven’t we all at some point gone gaga for the Wookie, I still fan girl and I don’t want to count how many year it’s been since My Girl 😘😘

  • teleri says:

    I now own a DOLL that’s a sculpt of LDW 😀 SoulDoll Henry :d Mind, I do collect BJDs so it’s not like I bought it randomly…
    I’ve got him done up in Reaper style! So cute…

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