Character Teasers for Upcoming Epic tvN Drama “Hwayugi”/”A Korean Odyssey”

It’s epic drama time! Epically epic drama time!

We have the epic Hong Sisters who’ve made an indelible mark on the Korean drama landscape having ruled in the last decade or so with hits like Delightful Girl Chung Hyang, My Girl, Master’s Sun and The Greatest Love.

Then we’ve got the script, which is a modern retelling of the epic Chinese novel Journey to the West.

There’s the epic Lee Seung Gi who basically headed from the army barracks to a set, having just completed his army service. He’s previously worked with the Hong Sisters on My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.  He plays the lead, Son Oh Gong, a powerful minor god who’s been exiled to the human world.

There’s epic ahjussi hottie Cha Seung Won, who’s previously worked with the ladies on The Greatest Love and Lee Seung Gi on You’re All Surrounded. The men have great chemistry so I’m hoping for more of the same here. He’ll be playing Woo Hwi Chul, an entertainment agency CEO who’s not Son Oh Gong biggest fan. He’s also destined to an unrequited love with the female lead so I’m interested in how their relationship evolves. The trend these days is a more pleasant, amicable rivalry but the Hong Sisters also gave us the psycho second lead in Delightful Girl Chung Hyang so I hope they’ve left the 00s behind.

So yeah, epic. With no Reply installment or Goblin, you can tell that tvN hopes this drama ends the year (and begins the next one) with a bang.

Other cast include Oh Yeon Seo as Jin Sun Mi, a wealthy real estate agent with the key to unsealing Song Oh Gong’s powers and unlocking his heart.

Lee Hong Gi plays P.K. a top star at Woo Hwi Chul’s agency.

Here are the teasers:

It should be fun. A Korean Odyssey premieres on tvN on December 23rd.

Credit: tvN, Wikipedia

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