tvN’s “Prison Playbook” Episode 5 Preview

Guys, so sorry for my absence. I’ve been busy with the holidays and family and as such, have not been able to watch any dramas for a few weeks but I’m now trying to catch up.

With the recent success of dramas like Orange Is the New Black, I’m not surprised that we’re getting a prison drama, even if it’s a male one, although I wonder if it will be as gritty as Oz. Besides, there have been other recent drama successes like Innocent Defendant that had a major prison component so it makes sense.

Ratings-wise, four episodes have aired, with the latest at 5.5% so I’m sure tvN is very happy with this show. I haven’t watched it yet but will soon. I hope it’s good. It helps that one of my favorite movies is The Shawshank Redemption so I’m keeping an open mind.

Credit: tvN

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