Park Hyung Sik Talks About “Suits” With December 2017 GQ

Park Hyung Sik talked about his next drama, “Suits” which is a remake of the U.S. cable drama, but unfortunately isn’t due out until the first half of 2018. (boo!) He also discusses his acting career and himself, saying he doesn’t shop, spend money or use computers. *gasp* We don’t really care, we think he’s adorable anyway. Check it out!

Source  |  GQ


  • Beez says:

    Very charismatic. But where’d they take that last picture? Looks like my cousin BoBo’s house, in the basement, in Detroit, circa 1972. lol

  • Vicky says:

    You are so beautiful Park Hyung Sik the Cuban women love you forever. Lindas fotos de este joven actor surcoreano que nos ha encantado con sus espectaculares actuaciones. Un feliz próspero año nuevo 2018 le deseamos de corazón a Park Hyung.

    Vicky la cubana y el staff del Club de Fans de Madame Irma.

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