JTBC’s “Just Between Lovers” Episode 2 Preview

Isn’t it interesting that as broadcast ratings continue to shrink, we keep getting more and more scripted entertainment? I guess it shows that there’s still a lot of money to be made from them, particularly from cable networks who’ve seen their average ratings rise in most recent years.

In comes JTBC’s first Monday/Tuesday drama, “Rain or Shine”/”Just Between Lovers.” It’s the story of two people who find love after experiencing their personal tragic losses.

They are Lee Kang Doo (Lee Jun Ho), a former soccer player who’s lost both parents and had to undergo three years of physical therapy for his injured legs, and Ha Moon Soo (Won Ji Ah), a guilt-ridden woman who cares for her mother after losing her younger sibling in an accident.

I can’t say I know who these actors are but I’m willing to give them a shot, particularly if we get a passionate romance out of it.

A familiar face is Lee Ki Woo, who’ll be playing Seo Joo Won. I always wonder why this cute man’s career never really took off.

Here’s the preview:

Credit: JTBC


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