“I’m Not a Robot” Episodes 5 – 6 Preview

Like I mentioned in previous posts, this year has had its ups and downs – both in life and in dramas – that I’ve been looking to end it on a high note. I’ve had my fill of sad, dreary dramas that I want something light and upbeat. In comes MBC’s I’m Not a Robot? Not so fast. I was majorly put off by the title, expecting it to be extremely dumb and who has time for that?

Despite the terrible ratings (sub-5%), I heard some good things so I reluctantly gave it a shot while bored and it’s not half bad! Granted, I haven’t yet finished the first 4 episodes but I’m happy that it’s not a Zettai Kareshi remake which I would have known had I bothered to read the synopsis. Silly me. 😁

Anyway, here it is:

Kim Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) lives an isolated life due to a severe allergy to other people. He develops extreme rashes that rapidly spread throughout his body once he makes any form of skin contact. Jo Ji-ah (Chae Soo-bin) is a woman who is trying to make it in life by creating her own businesses. However, after an encounter with Min-kyu, she ends up pretending to be a robot in place of the supposed AG-3 robot. The AG-3 robot was developed by Ji-ah’s ex-boyfriend, professor Hong Baek-hyun (Um Ki-joon) and his team. The robot was meant to be tested by genius Min-kyu, however an accident caused the robot’s battery to malfunction. As Baek-hyun modeled the robot after Ji-ah, the team ends up recruiting her to take the place of AG-3.

Something that made me laugh was seeing actors like Kang Ki Young in leadership positions. Like what is Sous Chef (from Oh My Ghost) doing at a board meeting? 😅 I’m not typecasting the actor because he was great in While You Were Sleeping but it was cool to see.

Anyway, here’s the preview:

I can’t say I’m a big fan of this preview because there’s too much toilet drama but I guess we’ll be learning about Min Kyu’s first love and also Ji Ah’s relationship with her ex.

Credit: MBC, Wikipedia

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  • Beez says:

    Clockwatcher, I’ll check out this show. I’m not a toilet humor person either. I’m amazed in Kdramas that characters are not embarrassed by flatulence yet are totally embarrassed when someone hears their stomach growl! I don’t know if that’s true to Korean culture or just writer convenience. 🙂

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