Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung in First “Black Knight”

So they totally kissed. I can’t help myself – I am totally falling for this drama because I’m weak against a cute, charismatic, flirtatious man. That’s why I am sitting through all the evil witch nonsense.

But he kissed her! And she remembers him! I can’t wait to watch this episode tonight.

Well, I hope their next kiss is better.

Credit: KBS


  • juliesean says:

    That was a most awkward kiss !!! KRW is a great kisser, what happened?

  • ferry says:


  • tessieroo says:

    That was my first thought: what an awful kiss. Blech. 😛 And there are all these people screaming about “chemistry” between these two? O__o It’s not sexual chemistry, that’s for sure.

  • Mey says:

    It was their first kiss. This is how they interpreted their first kiss. Wouldn’t you shock if some stranger suddenly kiss you? Their next kisses have been amazing. They kissed naturally like a real couple. Excellent chemistry.

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