“Black Knight” Episode 5 Preview

The flashbacks and evil witch scenes are less annoying now that they’ve begun to flesh them out. They are making her out to be someone who came between true love but she was his legal wife and it appears that he was having an affair (emotional or otherwise) thus her anger was warranted. Not to say she wasn’t an awful person because she maltreated Hae Ra in her past life and killed them both.

Isn’t it funny how the villain immediately recognized Soo Ho from his photo but Hae Ra couldn’t? Anyway, the truth is out now which means she no longer needs to worry about him trying to steal her organs.

On another note, why is the fake prosecutor-turned-personal trainer still around?

More flashbacks that’ll reveal the role the aging witch played in the past and maybe they’ll tell us who that “aunt” really is. Was she estranged or is she a faker?

Credit: KBS

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