“Hwayugi”/ “A Korean Odyssey” Character Posters + New Trailer

I feel like it was only yesterday I was preparing Christmas dinner but I look at the date and realize that was a whole year ago! Where the heck has all the time gone?

Anyway, in the same vein, the premiere for the highly anticipated Hwayugi is fast approaching so here are posters featuring the main characters with descriptions from Wikipedia.

Son Oh Gong:

An extremely powerful minor god who was exiled to the human world with his powers sealed, due to his mischievous and prideful nature.

Jin Sun Mi:

A real estate CEO who resells houses with notoriously bad luck. She is wealthy, beautiful and has an unyielding tenacity. She comes from a descendant of Monks who has the power to rid world of demons. She holds the key to unsealing Son Oh-Gong’s powers, whom she bickers and falls in love with.

Woo Hwi Chul:

CEO of an entertainment agency. A gentle and charismatic businessman, he is the object of others’ envy due to his popularity. He has a bad history with Son Oh-Gong in the past, and now become rivals with him for Jin Sun-Mi’s love.


A top star under Woo Hwi-Chul’s agency. He has the power to seduce women and sucks the life force out of them.

Yoon Dae Sik:

A real estate conglomerate. Despite his wealth, he has a servant spirit.

Jeez. There isn’t a poor or middle class person in sight (although I’m not quite sure what Son Oh Gong’s financial status is).

Here’s another trailer:

Hwayugi premieres on December 23rd.

Credit: tvN, Wikipedia


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