“Just Between Lovers” Episode 5 Preview + Quick Thoughts on Week 2

I can imagine that this would be a hard drama to recap because it’s a pretty slow-moving slice-of-life story about characters coming to grips with their trauma and grief and hopefully moving past it to some degree and finding happiness at the end. It’s largely character-driven so there isn’t much action like it would be were it plot-driven.

Our leads Gang Doo and Moon Soo are suffering from some form of PTSD whether it manifests itself in the difficulty in taking the elevator, hearing voices or their reactions to loud noises.

They were initially upset by the first memorial and I now wonder how what they create will differ now that they have a better understanding of why it was done in the first place.

It appears that Gang Doo recognizes her as the girl from that fateful night while she doesn’t remember him. Does this imply that the amnesia she claimed to have experienced was real and permanent?

Is it me or is this poor actor typecast? At best he’s the asshole-adjacent boss who deep down cares for his employees and at worst, he’s pure shit like here. Although there’s the potential he gets redeemed at the end.

There wasn’t much about the parents this week but I think her father overheard Gang Doo’s conversation with Yoo Jin and knows of his ties to that building. If so, it could lead to something interesting.

Anyway, Moon Soo’s friend called dibs on Gang Doo but it looks like she wants him all to herself. How will her friend take it? Very well would be my guess.

Credit: JTBC

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