“Black Knight” Episode 7 Preview + Quick Week 3 Thoughts

So Seo Rin is batshit crazy. I know we’re supposed to hate her, after all, she’s an abusive psychopath who killed her husband and his lover. In addition, she’s been alive for 250 years and been obsessed with a man who’s been dead/not reborn for the vast majority of that time. I get it – she’s an evil nutcase. But yet, I feel her pain a little bit because she got married in good faith and her husband’s heart was never really into it because he longed for another.

They described Myung So as this great man because he was friendly with his slaves and all I could think was that if he really were that great, he’d have freed them and helped them live independently.

I suppose we’re supposed to be swept in his love story with Boon Yi and all I can think is there was a major power imbalance between them especially as she was expected to give up her body to him and bear his sons – regardless of her feelings – because some fortuneteller saw their fate. I know he was respectful and didn’t sleep with her but still. They’ve now added a whole new destiny angle because apparently, Baek Hee was the infertile first lady of the house who’d switched her husband’s new wife’s baby with another so Boon Yi and Myung So were actually destined to be married while the abusive Boon Yi was a beggar’s daughter. Whatever.

They are doing everything to make me root for the Joseon couple but I think I’m too cynical for their romance.

Speaking of which, what was up with their deaths? The story goes that Crazy Seo Rin finds them after Myung So has been captured for political reasons and he and Boon Yi have become lovers (after Seo Rin made her pretend to be his wife to avoid torture). She finds the ring he had made for his beloved (which is currently at the bottom of the sea but is sure to turn up sometime in the future) and sets their house on fire.

Boon Yi is in some inexplicable deep sleep (I half-thought she was drugged) and can’t wake up, causing her lover to unintentionally leave her in the burning house. Psychotic Seo Rin grabs him to keep him from going back for her. He yells at Boon Yi to wake up but when she finally does, she refuses to jump out. He’s already fought his crazy wife off by this time but instead of running in to save her, he just begs her to come out. When it’s clear she won’t budge, he jumps in and dies with her. WTF? Why didn’t he run in and force her out? I’m all about respecting people’s choices but this was one time to ignore her and at least try to get her out instead of some faux-romantic joint death.

Right before dying, Boon Yi curses Seo Rin to eternal life and here we are. However, not only can she not die (she apparently time traveled or slept for decades after her first suicide attempt), she also has the ability to take on others’ identities and the episode ends with her assuming Boon Yi’s.

What is she going to do? Mess with Soo Ho or mess with Hae Ra’s life?

Also, her reaction upon learning of the baby switch was interesting. Did she already know or does she just not care?

While I’m pretty sure nothing major will happen, I’m still interested in what Seo Rin manages to do while looking like Hae Ra. And this love-hate drama between her and Baek Hee is kind of fun.

It also appears that the drama between Soo Ho and Villain Park is heating up. I loved their conversation, particularly Soo Ho making it clear that he’s aware that he’s an arsonist and killer. I’m just waiting to see his reaction upon reuniting with the teen noona crush who hasn’t aged a day in over 40 years. The noona who is in love with the biggest thorn in his side.

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  • Mohammed says:

    I dont think the whole fate, loving a your servant is specially interesting but what you expect from a romantic melodrama with fantastic element.

    Mysung So was a great man, human lord by Joseon standards, he did get exiled for not thinking servants was slaves to rape,kill. He was very modern,ahead of his time but he wasnt the king first minister he couldnt free Boon Yi. That was against the law, the noble, king would kill for rebelling their whole world view,laws that made people slaves their lord could kill at will.

    The flasback also said he was forced to marry his wife like arranged between noble families. He did his duty to his wife anyway, didnt make Boon Yi his lover until his wife left him for death. She was an evil girl as a kid too. Most noble wifes in those times went to exile, died with their husband by choice if they loved him as a she claimed. He could have his power to make Boon Yi his wife,lover whenever he wanted. To have a son with her and throw her away but he didnt use his power over at all.

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