“Hwayugi” Episode 3 Preview & Quick Thoughts

Although I’ve seen close to three hours of this show, I’m holding off for two more episodes before making my “first impressions” post. I need to see more to form a proper opinion on it.

Regrettably, 90-minute episodes are becoming the norm on tvN. It was fine for Monstar which broadcast only one episode per week but it’s ridiculous at two episodes and may explain why this production ran into issues in episode two! I understand that time is money but Lee Seung Gi was discharged on October 31st so he can’t have been shooting that long thus I’m not surprised that this rush job produced subpar results. From what I understand, there were editing issues with visible wires and green screen as well as issues during the actual broadcast that caused them to halt it altogether. We had this with Reply 1994 but at least that was later in the series. I hope they learn from this and understand that in the long run, greed gets them nowhere.

Moving on, what do I think about the drama itself? I’m just happy to watch something lighthearted that will most likely give us a happy ending. I love how all the demons are being forced to be benevolent to find favor but deep down are still naughty, allowing for fun conflict. Kim Sung Oh is love so I’m pleased to see him here as Sam Jang’s scared and confused assistant. I don’t think there’s a role I haven’t enjoyed him in.

The dynamics between all characters is fun. I like how they all tolerate Son Oh Gong but will gladly get rid of him the moment an opportunity presents itself. Anyway, Woo Hwi’s scheme inadvertently freed Son Oh Gong and I guess we’ll have to see what else this Geum Gang Go does.

Hmm. It makes you fall in love? We know it forces the wearer to protect the gift giver, which I’m assuming is the reason Seon Mi put herself in danger, right? Because he didn’t come out when she said his name on the drive with P.K. so it has to only happen when she’s in peril. Well, it’ll be sad and funny if he informs her that she didn’t need to go through all that to get him there.

But anyway, it appears the bracelet has made him fall on love, which is one way to fast-track a romance.

Till next week!

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  • juliesean says:

    I’m loving this drama. My only worry is the writing, which tends to go downhill during the climax in most of Hong sisters’ dramas. Hopefully, with the additional directors added, it will help in the production. But this can also backfire because there may be too many cooks. I think it would have been best to delay broadcast by a month, even if they’ve already broadcasted 2 episodes to date. I’m sure everyone is ok to waiting if it achieves its aim in providing a quality drama, as well as ensuring a safe environment.

  • juliesean says:

    Sorry, forgot to add.

    I’m also ok to long episode…haha. The pace still moved along speedily and more Sohn Oh Gong is ok in my book. He’s rascally irresistible !

  • Songbird1816 says:

    I also love the 90 minutes episodes. If the show is good enough, like Answer Me 1988, Goblin and now this show, the long length is actually exciting for viewers who want to see more of the drama. I’m enjoying this show so far.

    • V says:

      Me too, they are kind of a double edged sword when live recapping, but I love them when I am just sitting down to watch a drama that I drool over.

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