Anatomy of a K-Drama Kiss: 2017

Oh that thrilling kiss!

We’ll never get tired of showing you our all time favourite every year. This time around, I’ll keep it simple and just show you seven kisses that made me click the link! I have to admit that some of the K-drama featured here were not the ones I’ve watched. But whenever Clock mentions the kiss scenes, I just have to see it for myself!

I’m going back to the old route and just give you snippets of the kind of moment I want to pause while watching. I know you have abused the replay button on the video already. Here at the couch, come and enjoy the photos with few words. Let’s be honest, words don’t suffice when action speaks louder. Agree?

Share your favourites on the comment section below! Reminisce and enjoy with me.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Park Hyun Sik, what a way to go for it!

Ahn Min Hyuk has been restless thinking of Bong Soon that night! This scene better be real, coz its kinda vague until now. But let me just savour this moment the way they did.

Fight For My Way

This moment is something that I’ve waited for, more than the characters. I know you are also one with me!

Ae Ra purposely avoided seeing Dong Man kiss another woman *cough* her entire adult life. She never fails to turn and walk away. Finally this was broken! I love that Dong Man was the one who walked away from the girl and followed Ae Ra this time. Coz dude, she is the only one worth your kiss!

The Package

OMO. Jung Yong Hwa has improved! My last memory of him is still “You’ve Fallen For Me.” It’s been ages since I saw him on a drama. I know, please don’t blame me. LOL. When Clock featured The Package on the couch, I can’t help but watch it too. Good thing, it didn’t disappoint.

Temperature of Love

When I asked the CK Ladies about the Anatomy of KD-kiss this year, Tess was quick to mention Temperature of Love’s Episode 18 scene. I also love that kiss!

However, if I have to choose, the first kiss is still a top favourite. The Train kiss was epic! It’s really the kind that I miss watching in K-dramas. Sometimes, you just need to be simple, show!

Black Knight

Why not include Kim Rae Won this year? After all, he is an all time favourite. Welcome to this list! BTW, thanks to the stars for making this scene extra special.

Because This is My First Life

tVN never fails to deliver in this category. They know how to make a kiss shine brighter than the sunset. After all, a kiss is all the background we need. Plus Lee Min Ki.

I’m Not a Robot

The simplest among the list, yet the most heartfelt!

How does it feel to kiss a robot? We know how confused Min Kyu is right now, but we know better coz she isn’t one! Dude, it’s about time to make those feelings come alive and just love.

Ciao for now 💋


  • Beez says:

    How did you guys miss Ji Chang Wook kissing Nam Ji-Hyun? Or were they mentioned in the first post by Clockwatcher (which I seem to have missed)? I’ll dig around to find the first list.

  • Beez says:

    I found the original best kissers post. I was surprised that Jealousy Incarnate made the list (even thought that’s one of the best kisses I’ve ever seen in Kdrama, ever) because I thought it was a 2016 show.

  • leila108 says:

    Hi Beez!

    Every year the list changes, we’ve been doing this since 2010.

    Sorry I missed Ji Chang Wook! Crap. LOL. I wasn’t able to watch Suspicious Partner but feel free to share your favourites 🙂

  • Joybi says:

    LOL…yeah, how did you ever missed JI CHANG WOOK’S kiss @SuspiciousPartner?

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