Leila’s 2017 Year End Report

This year, I’ve decided to do something different and go beyond ranking a list from 1 to 5. It’s also an excuse because I only have a short list of K-drama that I’ve watched this year. Most of them I haven’t even finished yet. I know, right?! What happened? Time flew by so fast, I can’t keep up!

I’ll be giving my grade from ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ as the highest and ❤️ as the lowest. Pretty standard. I hope you won’t have trouble seeing the hearts! Show your love and let me know your favourites this year!

Introverted Boss (January 2017): One ❤️

Expectations do not meet reality often, such is the case in this drama.

Yeon Woo Jin is among my favourite actors after I’ve watched him in Marriage Not Dating. I can truly say that he can make any role come alive. It must have been hard for him to sustain the momentum of this drama and still manage to deliver, even if he’s the only one standing strong. Heh. The chemistry isn’t there when needed. I don’t know why I can’t feel it, my radar shutdown. Even the kiss scenes can’t even restart it. Sigh.

The concept of the story was interesting, it made me curious enough to dive in. But then, I just allowed myself to drown hopelessly. Song PD have my trust, but where did the writing go? This is where even if the story ends in a happily ever after, it doesn’t really carry on.

Chief Kim (January 2017): Four ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Can a K-drama survive without a OTP? YES! Coz sometimes, all you need is Namgoong Min. I’m solved!

He is a versatile actor with overwhelming charm! It’s never hard to fall for him. What truly captivated me while watching this is the chemistry Namgoong Min shared with every cast of the show. I have wished for a love line to start, but truth be told, this story didn’t need it. It was enough to get to know each character as they try to help each other do something fruitful, more than money could ever amount to.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (February 2017): Three ❤️❤️❤️

Park Bo Young is as adorable as ever, even with an incredible hulk features. Disregard the muscles, tho. But apart from her, I enjoyed Park Hyung Sik the most here. He is improving in every project that gives me a joyful heart.

This K-drama showed a mixture of romance that I love to witness. It’s always a plus to see the progress unfold naturally. The chemistry here is remarkable. I hope they will pair up again just so I can see them stare at each other. One way is good too.

Fight My Way (May 2017): Three ❤️❤️❤️

Best friends to lovers has been done a million times over. Yet, we still love it!

But what makes this K-drama different are the characters and their boldness to go for love. I know that Ae Ra and Dong Man hesitated at first and kept their feelings hidden from each other, especially Ae Ra. Thankfully they’ve shown us why. Even if Dong Man was your average guy next door, his firmness and love is on a different level. Among all the best guy friend I’ve seen so far, I’m glad he isn’t timid. He was the one who made the move and fought for his bestie and loved all of her! There’s nothing Ae Ra could do but give in.

And girl, why so lucky?!

School 2017 (July 2017): Five ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I must say, this got to be a top favourite this year.

What I love most about stories of youth is their freedom to do WHATEVER they want, without fear. Time seem to be on their side coz, you know, there is not much to lose when you are young. Compared to when you reach a certain age.

This drama showed that love involves the art of listening. And when this becomes part of a relationship, you learn to understand more. You think of yourself lesser when you focus on listening to your partner, compared to shouting endless rants with no sense just so you can vent out. This is not the case with Eun Ho and Tae Swoon. No other name could ever sound sweeter than that. Kudos to the brains behind this nickname. It suits Kim Jung Hyun wonderfully!

Eun Ho and Tae Woon both presented the thrill of possibilities. They will lead to tease, but only take you a step behind the off limits. It would have been better if there was a kiss. Then again, leading all of us there somehow satisfied me. The innocence that surrounds first love and exploring boundaries, sent beautiful shivers! I really love how Tae Woon does his moves while Eun Ho is at the receiving end. So every time they just come closer, it feels so right.

This is the kind of tension I love! More of this please!

Temperature of Love (September 2017): Two ❤️❤️

I honestly enjoyed the first few episodes of this drama. It directly hit a different site of my heart that made me want to discover love in another perspective. Judging from those episodes alone, I’d give this drama with five hearts already. But after watching all 40 Episodes, sadly two is my conclusion.

The OTP made me smile. But I was searching for more! It’s selfish of me to want more. This is a bad sign coming from me. Don’t get me wrong tho, chemistry is definitely there. However, I’m not feeling it as much as a scene would warrant it. Side characters are more interesting. The writer is surely an expert on that *Cue: High Society*. But what about the main dish? Why can’t she sustain it? Is it due to of lack of chemistry or simply the writing doesn’t know how to keep up with it? Sigh.

That aside, here’s what I love. The story showed how being in a relationship goes beyond the call of love. It’s not enough that you are kind, and that you extend effort to be together despite a busy schedule because love goes beyond time. Love might sound demanding at times, but that’s where understanding comes in. It’s not just knowing why but allowing the answer to sink in to you, while being aware of its consequences and not turning a blind eye on reality. This is where the hardest part comes in coz sometimes, this isn’t enough. Seo Hyun Jin’s character resonated this emotion so well.

I’m still in utter awe of this woman! You don’t even have to go through a heartbreak to understand and feel it, you just have to observe how Seo Hyun Jin translates that emotion on screen. She’s brilliant as ever. Hyun Jin has a way that takes you where her heart is. Though unspoken, her manner of expression speaks volume. It feels painful that every tear pierces your heart.

That said, I’m happy to note that the kind of love shown here prevailed in the end.

I’m Not a Robot (December 2017): Five ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and a 💋

One person is enough. Just one person is enough to keep a person going. And I hope that person will be the star that light up my path.

I know this an ongoing drama, but I can’t help myself but fall more in love with this! It’s a must to include it this year.

I want Wednesday to come so badly coz I need my fix of Yoo Seung Ho. He is a source of strength to continue on with my hectic week. This man is beyond my expectations. I don’t know how else to describe him! He makes me feel every bit of emotion Min Kyu have. His eyes show depth that makes my heart ache beautifully. These are contradicting words, but Yoo Seung Ho has a different power that moves me! Darn. I’m glad to say that Chae Soo Bin is at par with him! I’m crazily praying that Min Kyu would finally discover that what he hopes for, is actually true. This love is the kind I can’t wait to freely express itself with no holds barred.

Show, you have stolen my heart! Take it anywhere!

What a year it was!

Let’s all welcome 2018 with much love and more memories to share! See you all around ❤️


  • Teleri says:

    Chicago Typewriter, Perfect Wife, Witch’s Court, Mystery Queen, Mad Dog, Best Hit, Laurel Tree Tailors, My Golden Life (currently getting +40% ratings BTW), Rebel Hong Gil Dong, Weightlifting Fairy, Bad Thief Good Thief, Whisper, Romantic Doctor Kim, Defendant, Falsify, While You Were Sleeping, Suspicious Partner, Because This is My First Life, Circle, GOBLIN, Forest of Secrets, Tunnel, Duel, Save Me, Solomon’s Perjury, Man to Man, Woman of Dignity – All of these dramas were worth watching and some were amazingly good. I also watched several dramas that others hated (like Manhole, for instance) which I enjoyed a lot. The only drama I absolutely hated was Missing 9.
    I really do not understand why so many people are complaining about the lack of quality dramas in 2017. I completely disagree!

  • abi says:

    while you were sleeping

  • ferry says:

    7days queen

  • Best drama of 2017… and now 2018, too!

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