Four English-Subbed Teasers for Upcoming Kim So Hyun KBS Drama “Radio Romance”

I think Kim So Hyun is an adorable actress and enjoy her in everything so I was quite excited to learn that she’s got a new drama coming up. Here’s a synopsis from AsianWiki:

Song Geu-Rim (Kim So-Hyun) works as a radio program writer. Her mother is blind and as a child she listened to the radio frequently with her mother. This led her to become a radio program writer, but she isn’t exactly talented in writing. Now, the radio program that she works on is facing cancellation. Song Geu-Rim succeeds in casting top actor Ji Soo-Ho (Yoon Doo-Joon).

She is talented but at 18, will Kim So Hyun be believable as an adult with at least five years of work experience?


Yoon Park plays Lee Kang, a perfectionist PD whose management style leads to hit ratings and Yura an actress, whose career was derailed by a DUI.

What do I think so far? I’ll wait for a proper trailer before deciding if I’ll check out the pilot.

Radio Romance premieres on January 29th on KBS 2.

Credit: Kim So Hyun Vietnam – Raining Land@YT, AsianWiki


  • martha says:

    I like them both very much but….it feels a bit squicky to me. She’s still a kid and he’s not.

  • Gaya says:

    She’s not a kid anymore so I don’t mind. Its better than ending up like Yeo Jin Gu who is at 21 still playing child like roles. I think Lee Seo Won is doing so much better by playing proper adult roles. He’ll soon overtake Yeo Jin Gu in terms of popularity because he’s not stuck playing his age. Kim So Hyun is crazy good and its a junior writer with only 4 years of experience so I’m all for it! This deserves only love and nothing less. She’s so freaking talented! I’m looking forward to all the sweet kisses and drunk scenes.

    • hongberg says:

      How is Yeo Jin Goo still stuck playing child like roles? He either plays characters around his age or much older than his age.
      – In Potato Star (2013), 25 yo programmer
      – In Shoot Me in the Heart (2015), 25 yo mental patient
      – Royal Gambler (2016), age was unspecified as his character grew up in the course of the drama until he became a king and even had a son.

      In productions such as The Long Way Home (2015), Circle (2017), Warriors of the Dawn (2017), Reunited Worlds (2017), 1987 (2017) – he portrayed roles that are properly matched with his age which means he isn’t too old or too young for the role.

      Yeo Jin Goo may not be a trend or extremely famous at the moment but he is still very young and has already won huge acting awards like the Blue Dragon Awards. I believe his time will come with his talent and diligence. I just feel the need to clarify that Yeo Jin Goo is definitely not one of those actors stuck in their child-actor phase.

  • Mary says:

    Everything is colourful I’m going to be watching for sure. They are both very good so this is a must watch.

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