“Just Between Lovers” Episode 15 Preview

Will this be a happy or sad ending?

Credit: JTBC


  • LP says:

    I’m afraid Kang Doo’s name will be the last listed on the memorial. This drama is supposed to be about healing, but it’s so melancholy it’s worrisome.

  • BeBop says:

    For once the lead couple are not engaged in monetary greed! Whatever happens in the finale, they have touched happiness in the darkest of places – priceless!

  • Nicole says:

    omg I hope it has a good ending … I do not want him to die 😭😭

  • Keona8 says:

    I LOVED this drama! This was the perfect ending and miracle doesn’t bother me one bit!
    The first reason I watched this drama was for the fact that it was the first time
    Junho would be the lead (I really liked him in “Chief Kim”) and Thank you Junho, you really don’t disappoint! I think he can have alchemy with anyone!

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