Flavour of the Week: YOO SEUNG HO

All it takes is just one smile. I’m completely smitten.

It come as no surprise for Yoo Seung Ho to be the first Flavour of the Week for 2018. I’m familiar with this man since 2012. Thanks to Arang and the Magistrate, I was able to have a first glance of him. I know it’s already late since he was a well-known child actor. He practically grew up in front of the camera. But it’s never too late to appreciate the man he has become. Now is all that matters!

He filled every Wednesday and Thursday with charisma and much joy to anticipate for. I was glued again to watch every single episode, waiting with bated breath. He was that addicting. I love watching his facial expressions as it conveys every bit of emotion needed for Min Kyu to come alive. It was fascinating to witness because even without subtitles, I can easily connect with his feelings.

There is one particular scene that was a stand out for me – the reset scene. Yoo Seung Ho is one of the few actors who is undoubtedly brilliant performing in melodramatic scenes. I can’t even fathom how his tear ducts function! LOL. Where do all those tears come from? And it flows so naturally, my tears can’t help but flow as I watch him too. It is essential to have a box of Kleenex beside me, and I’m not even kidding! That scene was a true killer, especially after hearing him weep, it was unbearable. This man emanated pain like no other.

His acting is impeccable, there’s no need for further proof of that. I’m happy to note that I’m Not A Robot was his first Romantic Comedy series. It is refreshing for a solid actor to perform in this genre, especially when his character fits him like a glove! Kim Min Kyu is conceited but wrapped with the softest heart.

And when he stares.. I forget everything.

Don’t even mention whenever he pouts or make the cutest aegyo. I’m not a fan of the latter, but with Yoo Seung Ho, I made an exemption. Heh.

Chae Soo Bin is one lucky girl! And I think any woman who will be paired with him, he can share great chemistry with. I know there’s more to come for this man. I will be waiting!

A bientôt ❤️



  • martha says:

    He is so talented and such a cutie. Completely irresistable

  • Teleri says:

    I just loved this drama soooo much! Love him in everything he’s done :d

  • Dee says:

    He’s definition of love. The guy is the most talented actor in the 20s without a doubt in my mind. Kim Min Kyu was just an ordinary character on paper but YSH made him into something so special. Love this drama, love him and love his chemistry with Chae Soo Bin. I’m thankful we had this drama. It was quite amazing.

  • Yani says:

    It’s impossible not to fall in love with him 🙁 I Am Not A Robot is his first project that I watched and now I want more!

  • Emily says:

    I’m seriously crazy about him too. Personally, I find that the drama itself is just so ordinary and I watched it because of him. He made the drama worth watching. The last picture – I’m totally loving it!

  • Liz says:

    Thanks for the eye candy! Love his smile eyes. ughhh… like an arrow straight to the heart!

  • Cjoi says:

    Totally agree with the previous comments from everyone. Everytime he weeps, its so heartwrenching!!!
    The OSTs of I’m Not A Robot are the songs I watch and listen to , to make me fall asleep… Call me an addict! Sigh!

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