“Radio Romance” Episode 3 Preview + Quick First Impressions (I Like It!)

It’s Superbowl Sunday and as I literally couldn’t care less about football, I decided to find something else to watch. And that’s how I started watching Radio Romance starring Kim So Hyun and Yoon Doo Joon.

It’s about a depressed top star and the assistant writer he’s already in love with. Yup, I said already in love with because he’s apparently been in unrequited love with her since high school. She doesn’t even remember him from there and her only memory of him is from four years ago when he intentionally tripped her. Obviously to get her attention but she didn’t know.

Ji Soo Ho is a very successful actor living in a cage. While his family presents itself as a perfect, happy one, his father is a philanderer and his mother (father’s wife because I don’t think she’s his biological mother) controls his every move. He’s got depression-induced insomnia and has a permanent fake smile plastered on his face. He’s lonely as he lets no one in and can’t trust many people as even his manager reports his every move to his mother.

Like in most dramas, while the rich family is messed up, the poor one is happy. Song Geu Rim was raised by a loving blind mother. She developed her love for the radio from listening to it with her mother and writes scripts with colorful descriptions like she’s writing for her. She supposedly sucks at her craft but is good at booking celebs so when she loses her job because their celeb DJ suddenly leaves the country to find himself, a problematic PD promises to make her his main writer if she books Ji Soo Ho as their DJ. That’s what drives majority of the OTP’s interactions in the second episode.

As for her sucking, well, the scary, problematic PD wants to work with her – with or without Ji Soo Ho – so I bet he sees something in her that others miss.

I feel like the “childhood love” trope is somewhat cheating because you don’t spend as much time developing the blossoming feelings for one or both parties but I think it actually works here. Because it adds a certain flavor to their scenes. While their meetings might be tense as she goes to great lengths to recruit him and refuses to take no for an answer, there’s an undercurrent of his true feelings in his response to her. So when he’s cold towards her, we kind of know where some of it comes from.  And when you watch him overhear his sleazy colleague invite her to a party to take advantage of her desperation, you anticipate him showing up to protect her. And of course, it’s a good explanation for why he would agree to work on a show with an amateur writer. Plus, now we get to anticipate the moment she learns of their shared past.

I’ve said for a while that I need a new show to give me the feels and I just might have found it. There have only been two episodes but so far, this one hits the spot. There’s no confusing, overly complicated plot with some strange supernatural element nor is there some major murder case that needs to be solved (as of yet). It’s just a simple story that might be cliché but has heart.  I was a little wary of the real life age difference between the actors but I didn’t even notice it as they fit well and have chemistry.

I’m ready for more.

I have to admit to being impatient and just wanting him to agree to it already since we knew he would so I’m glad that happened at the end of the second episode and now we just have to see who else Crazy Kang gets to join their team. Let’s show that bitchy writer that our Geu Rim is a force to reckon with!

Credit: Uploader, KBS

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