English-Subbed “Radio Romance” Episode 5 Preview

Okay, there are some jerk moves I can tolerate – it’s a drama after all – but nuh-uh, Soo Ho, this isn’t one of them. You don’t treat your team with no consideration whatsoever, leaving the island without informing them then preparing a different script without their knowledge. And since you’re so selfish and couldn’t care less about their feelings, you let them learn of the switcheroo on air, which breaks Geu Rim’s heart because she worked very hard and was excited about her first broadcast.Then instead of just going your merry way, you force a love triangle where there is none (yet).

Dude, stay the hell out of Geu Rim and Lee PD’s business!

Yeah, I’m totally not here for him after that dick move and he’d better get to redeeming himself ASAP. His past trauma is no excuse to treat these people so callously and only jump into action out of jealousy. Her disappointment wasn’t enough to get him to read a single line from her script but seeing her get into her boss’s car is apparently enough reason to stop her. For his selfish reasons, of course. Because it’s not like she’s unsafe or uncomfortable with him.

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So, are they alluding to Lee PD and Soo Ho sharing a past? Who knows? Anyway, it looks like he’ll start working with them properly in the next episode.

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