Go Hyun Jung Officially Leaves SBS Drama “Return”

I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t started watching it.

Her agency released a statement. From Soompi:

“Actress Go Hyun Jung has officially left SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Return.’ All this time, Go Hyun Jung has filmed the drama with responsibility and affection. However, there was a difference of opinions with the directing team concerning the production process, and yet, even after trying to adjust this as much as possible, she couldn’t close the gap between them. Therefore, after much discussion and thought, she has decided that it will be difficult to continue filming.

“Rather than blaming someone, we have decided to accept SBS’s notice of departure due to the fact that it is only right that the person who is said to be the problem should leave for the sake of the drama. We apologize that Go Hyun Jung will not be able to fulfill her responsibility as the lead actress, and express apologies to the entire cast and crew of ‘Return.’

“We hope that you will continue to have much interest and love towards ‘Return.’ IOK Company and Go Hyun Jung would like to send our encouragement and support to ‘Return’ as viewers. Thank you.”

Is this the first time a lead actor has left a Korean drama halfway through airing? We have Han Ye Seul who abruptly left the country while filming Spy Myung Wol but she returned.

From what I gather, Go Hyun Jung and the PD couldn’t see eye-to-eye which led to a lot of conflict between them. And on February 7th, there were reports of a large fight on set. It sounds like she got fired and I hope we hear the full story soon because I’m reading articles about SBS thinking of banning her from all their future productions. Of course, that’s media play from their end because they don’t have to make such an announcement and simply never hire her again.

In the midst of all this off-screen drama, Return‘s latest episode achieved its highest rating yet (14.4%/17.4%). What will happen with the episodes she’s absent in? Well, controversy brings a lot of attention which could pique some people’s curiosity enough to tune in. We’ll see.

Credit: Soompi


  • I’m disappointed but understand. I’m undecided whether I will continue watching. Good thing I’m behind.

  • bmore says:

    Terrific Drama. WAY better than I ever thought it would be.

  • Laura says:

    Espero que los capítulos continúen, ya que la serie esta muy bien llevada debido a la calidad y experiencia de los actores y actrices, Actrices competentes y buenísimas sobran en ese maravilloso país, es cuestión de encontrar y así dar con el personaje. Si, quiero que ver un gran final.no nos decepcionen .Muchas gracias

  • Beez says:

    Lee Dae hae left East of Eden (although she wasn’t the lead but they were about to make her character into Song Seung heon’s lived interest to create conflict with him and his characters brother).

  • myra do says:

    So sad SHE leaves, it’s so unfortunate, however, we had second thoughts of pursuing on viewing hence of HER remarkable contribution of the series. Good luck!

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