JTBC’s “Misty” Episode 5 Preview

I’m hearing good things about this drama and the setup is intriguing. It’s about an anchorwoman who is the prime suspect in a murder case. Her marriage is on the rocks but her husband, a public defender, steps up and takes up her case. It sounds like a fun mix of suspense, drama and romance.

I’ll be giving it a shot this week. I hope it’s good.

Credit: JTBC


  • myra do says:

    We do love JI JIN HEE’s when it comes to marital stories, HE is so suited in this type of drama as well as comedy. He too value a good project. So when it’s JJH project, we never fail to follow it. Watching this preview, we’re rest assure it will be another good drama to watch for.

  • Maya says:

    I am watching it… my first question… who died ? Kevin or the wife ? They did not show the body right ? Or I missed it ?

  • Hathuylinh says:

    I’m having so much sympathy for the husband. The wife anchor is such flawed individual

    • Marie says:

      I’m also liking the husband and cheer for the couple to go back together. I think she loves him independently of the attraction that she might have for the other.

  • Maya says:

    Thank you Hat… I found out finally …lol

    But I don’t agree with your statement that the wife is flawed. Why ?
    Just because a woman is ambitious she is flawed?
    Just because she had a past, she is flawed?
    Just because she wants to follow her own will, she is flawed ?

    Well, this is the problem with our society. Women can never be empowered if we have such conventional mindset. Women are always double burdened by their domesticated roles besides their career or other roles in life. When a woman breaks away from the bigotry, gender bias and patriarchy, she is labelled.

    I am not a feminist but I applaud writers of Misty. However, I wish someday (still wishing) writers/directors can move away from using sex appeal to sell drama/movies(s). Yes, sex sells but it is also degrading to stomp on women using sex as a weak point.

    I am eager to see how GHR fights back.
    I also love how the writers wrote the husband’s character – like many men…he made mistake too. Assumptions & no confrontation.
    Interesting drama….cant wait for them to reveal about her brother ? in jail… seems like he took the fall for her.

    Till then, adios

  • Maya says:

    Btw…. my first hunch & suspect – THE WIFE !!!!

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