English-Subbed “Radio Romance” Episode 7 Preview + Week 3 Quick Thoughts

We finally had our first official Radio Romance episode written by Geu Rim! And despite setbacks like bad weather and their featured viewer’s initial disappearance, they found success. Well, we don’t know what the ratings or viewer response were like but characters we know were touched and the rival writer was frustrated by how good it was. As I listened to the broadcast, all I could think was: “This is a radio version of This is Us (An American show written to tug at our heartstrings)!”

I know we’re supposed to find it cute but I don’t like that in his jealousy, Soo Ho keeps Geu Rim away from her work. He needs to respect her job and accept that she sometimes has to work late with her boss.

Anyway, we finally got an explanation for why she doesn’t remember him and it’s hilarious. In a bid to understand her mother’s life. Geu Rim spent some time in a blindfold. That’s when she met Soo Ho. They showed them together in three different outfits which means they built a relationship over a period of time. Trust a Korean drama to come up with something like this. 😂

Did he not tell her his name during this time (and they even kissed!) or did he change it?

One thing I like is that he’s already brought it up which I hope means they aren’t dragging the “amnesia” aspect of their relationship for too long.

Here’s the preview:


This week we learned that Jason is a professor and Soo Ho is his case study. Does our top star know this? They also made it look like he might be behind his nasty murder accusations but I suspect that’s just a red herring.

He is right that it’s possible to forget a relationship that doesn’t have much impact on one’s life but I doubt Geu Rim has forgotten what was probably her first kiss.

I understand Jin Tae Ri because she’s clearly trying to revive her dead career but goodness, can JH Entertainment stop already? His mother is such a controlling pest and I’m already tired of seeing her!

Till next week.

Credit: KBS, PaBo@YT


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