tvN’s “Cross” Episode 9 Preview

I started this drama a few weeks ago and am pretty much caught up. I don’t see a lot of discussion about the show on social media but I’m definitely enjoying it. I think it might be my favorite of the shows currently airing.

“Cross” is about a man, Kang In Kyu, who becomes a doctor in order to take revenge on his father’s murderer, Kim Hyung Bum. At its heart, the show is about organ donation and the organ trafficking black market. So it’s pretty much a medical drama with a revenge twist.

I’m totally enjoying it and love the high stakes the storyline creates. My only issue is I think all the organs look fake. Hence, I’m taken out of the fantasy every time a surgery is performed.

The major relationship here is being Kang In Kyu (Go Gyung Pyo) and his former foster father Dr. Go Jung Hoon (Cho Jae Hyun) whom he hates for donating his sister’s organs without his knowledge or permission. As expected with anything Cho Jae Hyun, the acting is on point as he plays a brilliant doctor whose career is on a short timer due to an illness. He both loves Kang In Kyu as a son and a mentee.

There isn’t much of a love triangle but it appears they are creating a love line between In Kyu and Dr. Go’s daughter, Ji In, who is also a doctor. The hospital director’s daughter Son Yeon Hee is drawn to him but I think it’s because unbeknownst to her, she’s living with In Kyu’s sister’s heart. This hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s my suspicion based on how her heart reacted upon her seeing him. I also think there’s a possibility that Ji In also has one of In Kyu’s sister’s organs which might explain why Dr. Go very quickly released her for organ donation. We know the good doctor is a moral man and we know he didn’t harm In Kyu’s sister but it’s possible that he didn’t wait to talk to him due to the urgency of his daughter’s needs. We’ll see.

Anyway, In Kyu gets a job at Kim Hyung Bum’s prison with plans to poison him to death. He’s also desperate and pigheaded, going into this as a lone wolf which means he doesn’t really realize that one false move can easily get him caught. Long story short, the medicine quickly destroys his target’s body but he finds out before it finishes him off. He escapes and they are now playing a cat and mouse game.

Dr. Go and his daughter are also on the case and now realize that there’s something dodgy going on at their hospital because rich people are getting some to “donate” their organs under false identities.

It looks like Go and his daughter are going to investigate and expose the hospital personnel involved in these illegal deals.  And he’s still desperately trying to get In Kyu to work with him. Partly to get him away from his revenge plan but also to impart all his knowledge to him before it’s too late.

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  • Adal says:

    Cross seems to be attracting attention more for the behind the scenes real life drama of the second lead actor than for the drama itself. Little wonder, as it is the usual mediocre, run of the mill, revenge themed medical drama. There’s nothing unique or spectacular about it. Storyline is bland but the acting is fair.

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