Ariel Lin Stars In Upcoming Hunan TV Drama “Old Boy”

Old Boy is a 48-episode Chinese drama starring Ariel Lin and Liu Ye. It was shot in China and Australia from May to September 2017.

The synopsis from Drama Panda:

The plot revolves around Wu Zheng, a pilot with a high-flying job and enviable good looks. He is more than capable of taking responsibility for the lives of countless passengers but outside of work, he is tameless, free spirited and basically a child at heart. His son turns up out of the blue followed by a teacher who’s more than eager to help out. Needless to say, their arrival shakes up the life of a jet setter especially since Pilot and Teacher had met once before, when they were abroad, and it wasn’t pretty.

While one of the biggest Taiwanese drama actors of the 00s, Ariel Lin has kept a pretty low profile this decade with her last drama being 2013’s Prince of Lan Ling so I’m sure many of her fans are excited to see her in something new.

I’m pretty unfamiliar with Liu Ye as I don’t watch a lot of Chinese entertainment but his filmography is pretty extensive. It does appear that his last drama was 2014’s All Quiet in Peking so I’m sure his fans are also excited about this.


I love Ariel so I’m going to check it out but I’ve never finished anything close to a 48-episode drama (not counting daily dramas I watched over 10 years ago) so I don’t know how successful I will be with this one. Haha. We’ll see.

Old Boy premieres on Hunan TV on March 4th.  DramaFever is subbing this drama’s predecessor so I wouldn’t be surprised if they take this one up as well. International fans will just have to wait to see who picks this up but I’m confident we won’t be left hanging.

Credit: Drama Panda, c-drama tweets, Croton MEGA HIT

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