“Should We Kiss First?” Episodes 9 – 10 Preview

Guys, there aren’t enough hours in a day but how am I only learning of a drama starring Kim Sun Ah and Park Si Yeon? The guys Kam Woo Sung and Oh Ji Ho are cool too but these are my girls! Now I have to carve out some time to check this out.

From what I gather, it’s about four characters who’ve lost their faith in love. Oh Ji Ho plays Kim Sun A’s character’s ex-husband who’s now married to Park Si Yeon’s character. Well dude, if you’re married to my girl, I hope you found your faith in love. I’m just saying. And I hope Park Si Yeon isn’t playing an evil second lead. Please don’t, Sis! Let’s have a happy ending for all four and please, Drama, don’t be boring!

Credit: SBS

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