Teasers & Posters for Upcoming MBC Drama “Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch the Sunset”

Well, that is a mouthful.

Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch the Sunset is an upcoming MBC melodrama starring Han Hye Jin and Yoon Sang Hyun.

Han Hye Jin has been laying pretty low; only doing a cameo in Doctors in the last four years so it’s great to see her starring in a drama again.

Here’s the synopsis from Koreandrama.org:

The story of a married couple who have spent half their lives as partners. They look back on the time they have spent together and rediscover themselves as they suddenly have to confront death.

Nam Hyun Joo (Han Hye Jin) married to her university senior Kim Do Young (Yoon Sang Hyun). They live a happy life as a husband and wife. Kim Do Young works as an architect and was once thought of as a genius in his field. His refusal to make compromises and stick to his style has caused difficulties with his job. One day, Nam Hyun Joo asks for a divorce while Kim Do Young’s first love Shin Da Hye (Yoo In Young) appears.

I see the good ‘ol first love shows up to shake things up.

Here are the teasers:

Here are the character descriptions courtesy of Soompi Forums:

Nam Hyun Joo (Han Hye Jin) is a woman who dedicates herself to the man she has loved since her freshman years. She was known for loving literature in school but chose to give up her dreams in order to be a good wife for her husband.

 Kim Do-Young (Yoon Sang Hyun) was a genius architect who once shook up the architecture world, but he was so ahead of his time that he had trouble turning his talent into demonstrable success.

Shin Da Hye (Yu In Young) is the director of an American investment company who has wealth, status and beauty. She is the first love of Kim Do Young (Yoon Sang hyun) and after returning from US, she will use her status to control Kim Do young and wedge between him and Nam Hyun Joo (Han Hye Jin) to cause conflict and tension in their relationship.

Jang Suk Joon (Kim Tae Hoon), a third generation doctor who specializes in brain tumor, is Nam Hyun Joo`s primiry care physician. After loosing his wife to a brain tumor, he threw himself into treating patients and research. His life goes through a drastic change once he meets Nam Hyun joo, who was diagnosed with an illness.

I guess Kim Tae Hoon felt like reprising his Fantastic role, huh?

So it sounds like using Kdrama logic, Nam Hyun Joo decides to spare her husband the pain from her potentially terminal illness by causing him pain via divorce.

Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch the Sunset premieres on MBC on March 21st.

Credit: MBC, Koreandrama.org, Soompi Forums, kdrama_news @Twitter

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