English-Subbed “My Ajusshi”/”My Mister” Teaser Starring IU

My Mister (a.k.a My Ajusshi) is an upcoming tvN drama starring Lee Sun Kyun, IU and Lee Ji Ah. All the descriptions I’ve read have been pretty vague but the main point is it’s a drama where hurt people come together and heal each other.

IU plays Lee Ji An, a woman who’s suffered through many hardships. She gets a temp job where she’s tasked with finding the male lead’s weaknesses but they make a real connection as these things often happen. I have no idea if it’s supposed to be romantic as the man –  Park Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Kyun) –  is married.

Here’s her teaser:

My Mister premieres on March 21st on tvN.

Credit: tvN, IU teamstarcandy@YT

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  • KS says:

    Thank you. I suppose that is the big question, what kind of relationship will IU have with LSK? Everyone is definitely kept guessing. Really looking forward to this drama.

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