English-Subbed “The Great Seducer” Episodes 5 – 6 Preview

The ratings are in and are around 3% like I expected from such a young, relatively unknown cast.  But as we know, ratings don’t always reflect quality so what do those of you who’ve seen the first week’s episodes think?

Credit: MBC, Uploader


  • Teleri says:

    I love the source material, I live most of this cast, I find these characters less dark than the originals which is nice – I’m curious to see how that plays out in fact 😀 So I’m totally enjoying it! AND the hotness is real LOL

  • thelady says:

    I’m enjoying it. My only concern about the rating is that they might cut the number of episodes. These characters are more well rounded than Cruel Intentions but they have to be to fill up 16 episodes. Also, Woo Dohwan is insanely hot.

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