First Teaser for Potentially Hilarious Upcoming KBS Drama “Miracle That We Met”

It’s “potentially hilarious” because I burst out laughing after reading the synopsis. However, Wikipedia labels it a melodrama so perhaps not.

Miracle That We Met is an upcoming KBS drama starring Kim Myung Min, Kim Hyun Joo and Ra Mi Ran. It’s about a man who dies in a car crash and wakes up in the body of another man. This causes him to support two different families.

It’s by the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon team of Baek Mi Kyeong (writer) and Lee Hyeong Min (director).

The teaser:

This makes me think that two souls will share one body which will come with its own set of additional problems but I think we’ll need to see more to understand exactly what is happening.

Miracle That We Met takes over the Radio Romance time slot and is scheduled to premiere on April 2nd.

Credit: KBS, Wikipedia

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