Yoona Covers Spring Issue Of Super Elle China

Yoona is on the cover of the Spring issue of Super Elle China, check it out!

Source  |  Naver



  • Teleri says:

    WTF is that blue ‘dress’ ie sack, & that black ‘sweater’ that looks like an ill-made sock top a kid makes for their dollie!?
    The little ‘suit’ (crop vest & hip belt LOL) is kind of cute… I actually like that oversize sweater 😀
    I’d say, proof that Yoona looks good in a bag, cause, LOL

  • AlekaOnu says:

    Thanks Tessieroo for this page of YoonA. Yup YoonA looks good in whatever attire she’s wearing and hairstyles too. Give her a sack or a bag, she still looks darn gorgeous much to the envy of antis.

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