Three English-Subbed Teasers For Upcoming SBS Drama: “Switch: Change The World”

Jang Keun Suk is an interesting case for me. 10 years ago, I would have predicted that he’d become a Kim Soo Hyun or at least a Lee Jong Suk but a lot of his dramas garner low ratings. However, he’s quite popular in some Asian countries other than Korea which counts for something.

Switch: Change The World is about a genius conman (Jang Keun Suk) who’s a prosecutor’s spitting image. From this, I think we can deduce that he’ll pull a Go Mi Nyeo from You’re Beautiful and pretend to be him.

It also stars Han Ye Ri (Age of Youth) as a prosecutor, is written by Baek Woon Chul (The Suspicious Housekeeper) and directed by Nam Tae Jin.

The teasers:

Click “cc”

Switch: Change The World takes over the Return time slot and will premiere on March 28th on SBS.

Credit: SBS,  KOCOWA TV @ YT, Eels Romania @YT, kdramahits@YT


  • Beez says:

    I’m curious as to why you thought Jang Keuk Suk would become a big star? (I think that’s what you meant but I’m not sure as I’m unfamiliar with the two actors you named.)

    I’m asking because since I discovered Kdramas in late 2014, EVERYBODY talks about him as if he’s…THE …IT …star. I’ve only seen him in two projects: You’re My Pet movie and You’re Beautiful drama (which I never made it after episode 10. It’s one of the very few I’ve dropped. Seemed like imitation Boys Over Flowers to me which I knew while watching was a hot mess yet addictive. You’re Beautiful didn’t have whatever it was that made me keep watching BOF (I suspect it was LMO’s charisma).

    Usually as I lurk around various blogs, etc., I usually find great shows or become a fan of actors/actresses after having read good things but both these projects left me befuddled. I’m curious as to what it is that everyone else sees that I just don’t?

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Yes, that’s what I meant. 🙂

      About 10 years ago, during the YAB era, he was big news, he starred in his own movie, probably did a ton of CFs and seemed to be on his way to becoming a big star but his dramas kept underperforming.

  • bmore says:

    JGS exploded on the screen and in the Hallyu news mainly because of his sultry, sexy image. That bad boy thing that really gets you in the gut when you first watch him. But…his personal life is far far more important to him I think, as is his music. He is notoriously private…justifiably so if even half of the sasaeng stories are true. The fans were wild about him..screaming, foaming at the mouth stalkers wild. I think he just ran away from it all. I really believe he only does the dramas to appease the faithful fan base, keep some kind of image out there as a reminder maybe? I don’t know.
    But he seems so lackadaisical in his acting, it’s a wonder we keep looking for him to do more. Honestly, I have always felt he has the potential to be a really good actor if he would just pick more adult parts. But maybe no one offers? He picks fan fav dramas…light romance, high school type of dramas. He spends more time outside Korea than he does in from what I ‘hear’….but you have to take all that ‘talk’ with a bucket ‘o salt. However, I am wondering about his performance in Kim Ki Duk’s new film orgy: Human, Space, Time; which most definitely will be VERY adult. But not curious enough to view even one more minute of KKD’s twisted misogyny. I can’t imagine how black the insides of his brain must be.

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