Series Review: I’m Not a Robot

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It’s my first review for the year and I’m glad that I’m Not a Robot was a great choice. I have to keep up with the newest K-series, so without further ado, JOIN ME! Let’s have fun, reminisce and fall in love all over again.

Spoiler Alert: For those who haven’t watched this series, please be warned 

Series Review and Highlights:

Can a person survive alone? Yes, Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho) can. Lonely? Absolutely! He is in denial about it but we can see that this word is defined all over him. Though this is true, he happily spends time with his companions. Or is it more appropriate to say that non-living things are his besties, nay wife. So cute!

This man is looking for someone who won’t hurt him, who will stay true to him no matter how he changes, and love him. It is simple, right? Most romcom nowadays make it hard and I’m glad we are back to basics watching this one. Yoo Seung Ho makes Min Kyu so real, I can feel even his breathing and agony.

Min Kyu is not as complicated as his illness was presented at first. It’s more psychological than contagious. Min Kyu has major trust issues, touching him makes up the hypersensitivity reaction that is deemed deadly, just how Min Kyu defines betrayal. This was used for us to understand his character and why he reacts badly when in contact with others. This is where Jo Ji A (Chae Soo Bin) comes in. She’s an inventor of two heart balls that lights up, it basically explained her importance in Min Kyu’s life. Those hearts are a symbol of connection. I love how they were linked together with such simplicity, that is having and sharing the same thought. At first, it was purely because of loneliness, like asking if someone is out there too. So every time it lights up, it instantly shows the other person having the same thought! It was such a sweet gesture done with touching visuals.

That said, why does a robot had to meddle when Jo Ji A, as a woman, can already make a difference? The answer is simple, we need that extra emotional tug in our heartstrings. Min Kyu badly needs the same and know the difference of something real. Aji 3 must come into play to make him realise that. He needs to be open for love to enter, Aji 3 just provided the door. Besides, his home needs warmth. No equipment can provide him that, not even the heater. Go figure why!

Inside you, I’m going to make a private room of my own. Don’t let anyone in, I’m the only one who is allowed in that room. From now on, you need to focus on only me, and follow no one else but me. – Min Kyu

Honestly, how did you feel upon hearing those words? It left a beautiful imprint on me.

It wasn’t even meant to be a confession from a man in love, but plainly as a man taking ownership to lead and be responsible for someone who is going to submit to him. Follow is a big word! It takes a man to lead a woman properly while having the purest of intention. But if you personally ask me, dude those were dangerously beautiful words! It directly hit my heart, I fell in love in an instant. Damn those eyes of Yoo Seung Ho! I was drawn under his spell. There’s no way out from here onwards.

It was just a near kiss.. but damn it! I desperately wished for a kiss in that very moment. Did you wish the same too? This had to happen for us to be led for the real thing ahead.

But first, how did love happen?

Ji A fell in love with him not in the grand-oh-so-romantic kind of way. It came naturally just by listening to what his soul and heart says whenever he talks about his parents or how he learned how to cook. I find it so heart warming that Ji A was drawn to him by it too. It’s not just a simple case of whiplash that targeted the heart. Falling in love was easy because Min Kyu was honest. He openly expressed his thoughts without gray zones. Getting to know the real him every day, in spite of his conceited ways and allergy attacks, made love possible.

The first kiss is my favourite. Simple and yet it was sweetly done.

I love the innocence behind it, and also the deep attraction that led to that kiss. It wasn’t just about the right timing, but more of the innate connection Ji A had with Min Kyu. It touched her heart when he said that he wanted to meet the creator of the umbrella — and it’s her. He sweetly complemented her inventions.

I’m not a robot.. – Ji A


If only Min Kyu knew that his wish is actually true, he wouldn’t be confused and hurt as much. Min Kyu wasn’t the only one who is hurting at that moment, Ji A felt twice as much too. Surely she wanted to be honest, then again the situation leaves her no choice but to stay silent. And stare at him all night..

How can you verify something invisible? What you feel is most certain. – Sun Hye

The bestie knows best.

I enjoyed Sun Hye’s character the most! If you don’t have someone like her in your own life, better find one ASAP! She’s the only friend you’ll ever need. BTW, her entrance at the laboratory warehouse was epic! That blown out hair entrance never looked better the way she did it. Stunning!

The reset scene is my ultimate favourite!

Yoo Seung Ho already stole my heart from the get go. But in this scene, he made me understand exactly how he felt. Did you feel how much he struggled before he agreed to do the reset? Those eyes were so expressive, I think I cried starting from there! He was tearing up my heart so beautifully in that moment. I’m such a wimp like that! Heh. I dare say, Yoo Seung Ho knows the art of a great dialogue – something is being said while something else is being felt.

The time skip was done right. We have to learn what longing feels like.

The kind of longing Min Kyu expressed was deep enough for me to desperately wish he’d finally see her, soon! During the meet-up on the train, you can really see how much he misses and wanted Ji A – I mean Aji 3! Same-same, anyway. It was palpable enough seeing how his eyes was glued looking at her all through that train ride. He expressed confusion, wonder, assurance and love with just that look! It’s amazing to explore how it changes as the camera pans in and out of his face. I love that scene more because all you hear (besides the Drama OST), was the sound of the train as it moves on the tracks. You can concentrate on the feel of that scene as Yoo Seung Ho brought longing in the ambiance strongly with his presence. Brilliant. I’ve felt his desire not to alight on that train! It was a no brainer that he decided to stay and follow her.

Min Kyu took a risk by stalking her to the province. Yes, I deliberately chose that word! It was also a desperate move, but then I couldn’t blame him for following his heart. When you take a risk and do what your heart dictates, it develops a different kind of courage. Min Kyu made his way smoothly towards Ji A’s heart. The best way he did it was not just through her stomach. Thanks to Grandma, he had a chance to show his heart. He patiently waited for her to listen.

That night inside the warehouse, was the sweetest they’ve been together.

Why look for a star outside when it is inside of you? – Hoktal

This man is really someone to love, isn’t he?

I love how witty Dong Won is. And the fact that Sun Hye fell for his heart, made this pairing genuine. When she mentioned about her failed relationships, you can really see how superficial love was for her in the past. Now, there are words of affirmation and simplicity that makes falling in love the best feeling ever! I love seeing them together.

What a cute pairing!

After the allergy scare, Aji 3 went astray then came back home. Finally our couple were together for good!

It wasn’t a long wait. Thank you dramagods! We can sweetly enjoy moments such as these. It was a happy ending after all.

Personal Thoughts:

I just watched without any inkling about I’m Not a Robot. I’ve been in a drama hiatus after Temperature of Love ended. I haven’t seen any trailers nor read any news about this drama. I was very pleased to just click play and be absorbed by the characters and the story. I’m falling for Yoo Seung Ho every second. He slays me even with just the sound of his voice! Ohnoes. I’m a dead meat.

I really like it when I see familiar faces. And this one has it! I’m not just talking about Yoo Seung Ho, who is absolutely brilliant, but the side characters are best! From Reply 1988, to Oh My Ghost, Dream High, Oh Hae Young Again, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and School 2017, gosh! I can only name a few but they are all awesome!

What I love most about this drama is how every character learned from each other, and also with the help of their past mistakes. You don’t just redeem yourself for the sake of it, but it is important to learn and change as you grow. Whenever they realised a lesson, it warms my heart how they mature and got to know themselves better.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be serious when Yoo Cheol is around. Honestly whenever I see Kang Ki Young the song 🎶Congra-tu-lation🎶 immediately pops! This is how badly Oh My Ghost have influenced my life. LOL. He is the usual misunderstood second lead. But I’m glad he found love in this series. He doesn’t deserve to be bitter until the end.

There’s no rivalry between two men.

Baek Gyoon and Min Kyu have high respect for each other, and that Ji A’s happiness comes to their mind first. It’s absurd that K-drama norm makes two grown men fight for one girl. Whenever this area of the story changes, the leading men earns my respect. Such is the case in this series. It is obvious that Baek Gyoon likes Ji A, he even expressed his intention of giving love another chance. But then, Min Kyu came, and this loving Hyung gave way.

There was none of those pointless squabble that leads to something physical. I’ve never been a fan of this drama trope. Here we have men who talks like real mature men. Both of them deserve love, why not give them one woman each? Thankfully, this drama knows how to make that happen!

This drama focused on “changes”.

When you change, are you still recognisable? Min Kyu mentioned how important that is! When you are in a relationship or not, change is inevitable. I love how this was integrated in Min Kyu and Ji A’s relationship. When Baek Gyoon realised this fact, I felt why second chances are sometimes hopeless too. Baek Gyoon lost the opportunity to love Ji A right the first time they met. Changed happened in between, and there was no going back from there.

On the one hand, I understood clearly why Min Kyu vacillated between something unrealistic (the robot Aji 3) and what felt real (Ji A). He was made to believe that he was dealing with a robot, something that he can input whatever he desires and become a master of. But then, his heart overrules all of these! When he confessed his confusion to Baek Gyoon, we can really see how the mind thinks differently from what the heart yearns for. This is the best part of the story! Following your heart, and choosing to love.

The beauty of watching this drama is that it allowed myself to fall in love. This show made it easy! Or is it Yoo Seung Ho’s fault for making it the easiest thing to do? I blame my heart that chose to love him!

Wherever you may be, I’ll always be by your side. – Ji A

Love proves two is better than one. But don’t just find someone to be with. Be that someone to somebody who will never be alone, ever again.

Itta bwa ❤️


  • Jaja Zapulac says:

    I love your review. You said all things that made me love this drama. Thank you so much it was a great read.

  • OMiHo says:

    I love your review <3 this is my favorite Drama, they have an exceptional chemistry..

  • Tubby Tubs says:

    Really enjoyed your review. Beautifully written, succinct and on point.
    Totally enjoyed this gem of a drama. Well written characters and well acted but the message it brings across is very heartfelt and something that every human being longs for whether they want to admit it or not. To be loved for who we are. And acceptance of changes in life and to move on positively from it.
    Thank you!

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