Teasers & Stills for OCN’s “Mistresses” Remake “Mistress”

Wow. We’re getting a Korean Mistresses?

So I watch the teasers and notice that there’s an air of mystery to them which I find confusing because I caught the odd episode of the U.S. version and the only mysteries I gleaned from the undeniable soap opera concerned people breaking girl code and sleeping with the wrong guys. Then I click on the U.S. Wikipedia page and they actually describe it as a “mystery drama.” Who knew?

Anyway, based on the original U.K. drama Mistresses,  Mistress is about four women in their 30s and their relationships.

Here are the characters descriptions from Wikipedia:

Jang Se Yeon (Han Ga In) is a widow raising her daughter alone after her husband dies in an accident. Strange things start happening after she receives a mysterious call. This is Han Ga In’s first drama since 2012’s Moon Embracing the Sun.

Kim Eun Soo (Shin Hyun Bin) is a psychiatrist who treats her deceased ex’s son who can read her thoughts. Wait, what? He suspects she was involved in his dad’s death.

Han Jung Won (Choi Hee Seo) is a high school teacher married to a famous chef. It appears she has problems getting pregnant then gets fearful after making a mistake one night. Let me guess: she has a one night stand and doesn’t know who her child’s father is?

Do Hwa Young (Goo Jae Yi) is a legal secretary whose life takes an interesting turn when her ex’s wife hires her firm to expose her husband’s infidelities.

Sounds like a lot of drama.


Mistress premieres on April 28th on OCN.

Credit: OCN, Wikipedia, Soompi forums

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