“My Mister” Episode 4 Preview

I think a major question going into the drama was if there was going to be a romance given the age gap and also the marital status of the male lead. It appears that the producers have clarified that it will not be a romance. I think I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, it’s a bit of a relief given the setup. On the other, I like a bit of romance in my dramas and from what I gather, they’ve already thrown a monkey wrench into Dong Hoon’s marriage so it could have worked. Haha, a K-drama fangirl’s dilemma.

Credit: tvN

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  • KS says:

    A romance could still work, especially given the strong chemistry between the characters. It’s not like the writer has written their interactions to be strictly platonic either. It will be a wild ride for sure. Can’t wait to see where this drama takes me.

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