“Switch: Change the World” Episodes 5 – 6 Preview + Quick Thoughts

I watched the first 2 hours of the show and enjoyed them. But that doesn’t really say much because there are far too many dramas I start off liking that bore me halfway through. I like crime shows but not those that chase one case for sixteen episodes which I fear might happen here because he’s already involved with the big bad.

Sa Do Chan is a conman with a heart of gold. He’s a genius and although he studied for the bar, couldn’t complete the exams because he had to take care of a friend. Alright but why didn’t he take them the following year?

He looks identical to a prosecutor – Baek Joon Soo –  and Do Chan gets roped into assuming his identity while he recovers from a murder attempt.

The first two episodes set up the characters and I already get the vibe that his recruiter, Oh Ha Ra, has a thing for his lookalike who probably never returned her feelings. It’ll be funny if it turns out that he does and Jang Keun Suk ends up playing both suitors in what would be a rather strange love triangle.

The last episode ends with a con (for good) gone wrong that ends with him kidnapped and his murder interrupted by either his friends or the cops.

Do Chan has made a lot of money conning criminals who don’t have a legal recourse (because their money is dirty) so it’s ironic that his life is in most danger when he uses his skills for the right side of the law.

Do Chan told the bad guys that he wasn’t Baek Joon Soo and it looks like they might believe him. He’s also going to attempt another con that I am sure will not going according to plan. Someone who’s suspicious of his personality change will compare his fingerprints to Baek Joon Soo’s. Let’s hope Oh Ha Ra and her boss were smart enough to change the info in the database.

What I want is a break from the main case and to see Do Chan kicking butt in a courtroom. Pretty please?

Credit: SBS

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