“The Great Seducer” Episodes 15 – 16 Preview

I was considering starting this drama but I read a lot of complaints, particulary about the writing. Did I dodge a bullet?

Credit: MBC


  • bmore says:

    It’s pretty bubblegum, but even so I’m enjoying the pretty. The writing and concept are silly and very BOFish, but the kids in it are trying and doing well at least…working with what they’ve got. I was surprised and happy to see Joy, who I have not seen since WGM with Yook Sung Jae. She has grown into a lovely young woman. I have tons of free time being retired and I have been overloaded with the darker dramas, so dramas like this and Evergreen are a nice break.

  • Yoojin says:

    Yes you did. It’s not that I’m a hater of Joy’s but really the drama is pretty boring

  • thelady says:

    it’s entertaining when it focuses on the young people, the parents are boring and get entirely too much screen time

  • Beez says:

    @B More – Really? Darker than this??? lol Every time I sit down and check my list and realize I’m all caught up on all the other shows that I’m watching, my stomach plummets as I reluctantly turn Seducer on. I know I should just stop but I always watch my biases in whatever they’re in so…

    I prefer rom-coms and I like dark comedies. I can handle dark but not for the sake of dark. It would be fine if the story could keep it’s logic straight.

  • Marie says:

    I like it but I am a bibliophile. Understanding it is loosely based on Dangerous Liaisons (Cruel intentions, the movie) provides the additional depth I need to continue watching. In all other versions Kathryn is ruined by her own machinations and Valmont dies in the end; however, while in the book and the period film, Cécile (the extremely naive ingenue Kathryn takes under her wing) is destroyed, Cruel Intentions’ ingenue comes out scathed but not decimated. I am interested in how far this version will go with Cecile’s character and what will happen to Valmont and his love (Joy’s character) in the end. They have already mixed the story up a bit too, so to me, it’s worth a watch.

  • thelady says:

    I’m expecting this to have a happier ending then the other versions

  • thatseoul says:

    I’m quite addicted, and think it is a better, darker version of The Heirs (drama which I never finished even though I liked a lot of the cast).

  • claire says:

    It may well be my favorite k-drama at the moment. I find the links to Les Liaisons Dangereuses tenuous. No one can be compared to the Marquise de Merteuil. But still the actors are really good. Including Joy, whom some folks don’t seem to like.
    I wonder how it will unfold. I’d like to see the parents punished, slammed good… The kids really are trying to survive — unloved and unattended to.

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