Seo Ji Hye Travels To Hawaii For April 2018 Cosmo

Wow, we were initially shocked to see this first photo of Seo Ji Hye…smiling so sweetly! After the sicko-jealous witch she played in “Black Knight“, it’s such a nice change and just goes to show (AGAIN) that you should separate the character they play from the actor they really are. We love her smile, check it out!

Source  |  Cosmopolitan


  • Emily says:

    She’s very beautiful! She acted very well in Black Knight, although her character in the drama is always full of jealousy.. but she is truly gorgeous! Hope she can get a better role for her next drama…

  • Stuart says:

    The three of us who watched “Yeah That’s How It Is” enjoyed seeing her beautiful smile a lot, fwiw.

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