Teasers for Upcoming Jang Hyuk-Jung Ryeo Won SBS Drama “Greasy Melo”/”Wok of Love”

So the literal title is “Greasy Melo” while the English one is “Wok of Love.” This is one of the rare times I prefer the English one because despite being extremely cheesy, it still sounds better than “Greasy Melo.”

Wok of Love is about former Chinese restaurant star chef Seo Poong (Lee Jun Ho) who winds up working at a failing neighborhood restaurant. Jang Hyuk plays ex-convict former gangster Doo Chil Sung who I’m assuming owns the restaurant. Jung Ryeo Won is chaebol heiress Dan Sae Woo whose life changes after tasting a bowl of Jajangmyun.

I would normally assume Jang Hyuk is the male lead but I’m not sure this time. The set up makes me feel like he’ll be playing the kind of older character Cha Seung Won plays these days. You know, not quite the lead involved in the main romance but still prominent in the story. We’ll see.

Here are the teasers:

It’s written by Seo Sook Hyang (Jealousy Incarnate, Pasta) and directed by Park Sun Ho (Suspicious Partner, Birth of a Beauty). It takes over Should We Kiss First‘s time slot and premieres on May 7th on SBS.

Credit: SBS, Uploader

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